Art by Wesley R. Elsberry







Wesley Elsberry

Art by Wesley R. Elsberry

Eaton Rapids, MI


Photography became my primary skill in the visual arts when I was sixteen. I've learned from mentors and teachers: Lamar Philpot, Wallace Wilson, Evon Streetman, Randy Batista, and Laurie Hitzig. Alfred Stieglitz's vociferous defense of photography as an art form in itself appeals to me, though Stieglitz's subjective and sometimes vindictive determinations of who was in and who was out of serious artistic consideration does not. I prefer a mode of photography that puts most of the effort in up-front, before the shutter snaps, and reserve the use of many of the techniques Stieglitz approved of as manipulations to exceptional cases. The primary manipulation of the photographer is to concentrate the attention of the viewer to the same subject as attracted the photographer. The fewer distractions from that aim, the better, or as Evon Streetman once told me, the photographer is responsible for everything in the frame. Just as different patterns of brush strokes or their absence is normal variation in painting, use of elements that may normally be considered flaws in a photographic ideal are simply a part of artistic expression in photography. These should be applied sparingly in my view, but my experience has been that knowing when they are appropriate is a talent worth fostering.

While I did earn my living via photography for several years (in photojournalism, then studio photography, scientific photography, and public relations work), I chose a primary career path with interdisciplinary science, combining organismal biology and computer science. I've been there and done that for a lot of things. In addition to the visual arts, I'm a master falconer, a SCUBA diver, and handle dogs in agility competition. I've worked in medical and veterinary research labs, programmed the fire control computer for F-16 fighter aircraft, programmed a mapping system for the USAF, done research with the US Navy Marine Mammal Program, advocated better science education with the National Center for Science Education, consulted with attorneys on a high-profile first amendment case, and co-created a group science blog that was recognized as one of the top science blogs in the world. I'm working on an automated acoustic data collection system to collect information on snapping shrimp activity. I like to keep busy. You can look me up on Wikipedia and Google.


Shelter Island Panorama by Wesley Elsberry


Rock with Lichen and Snow by Wesley Elsberry


Gettysburg Cannon by Wesley Elsberry


Fireworks 5 by Wesley Elsberry


Fireworks 4 by Wesley Elsberry


Fireworks 3 by Wesley Elsberry


Banded Tulip Shell by Wesley Elsberry


Orchid by Wesley Elsberry


Alcatraz with Pelicans by Wesley Elsberry


Fireworks 2 by Wesley Elsberry


Fireworks by Wesley Elsberry


Fort Funston Beach by Wesley Elsberry


Redwood Creek by Wesley Elsberry


Bok Tower Sundial by Wesley Elsberry


Bok Tower Entrance by Wesley Elsberry


Upper Bok Tower by Wesley Elsberry


Christmas Plus One Tree by Wesley Elsberry


Iced Purple Pansy by Wesley Elsberry


On The Road 1 by Wesley Elsberry


Winter Copse by Wesley Elsberry


Winter Window by Wesley Elsberry


Winter Tree by Wesley Elsberry


Flying Pelican by Wesley Elsberry


Mirror Pelican by Wesley Elsberry


St. Petersburg Boats 1 by Wesley Elsberry


Floating Pelican by Wesley Elsberry


Orange Iced Pansies by Wesley Elsberry


Ice Plant San Diego by Wesley Elsberry